Protecting Innovation across Technology, Industrial Design and Branding


Reimagining Innovation

Unleashing the innovative capacity of your enterprise represents a paradoxical endeavour. The imagination needed to generate great ideas must be synthesised with discipline and structure. A reliable innovation cycle is the only way to reimagine your world.

Is your Innovation Cycle missing a step?

‘Patent pending’ can boost corporate valuation and investment support. There is implied competitive advantage, and assumed technology leadership.

And a strong deterrent against copycat fast followers. Market credibility and industry authority can also play a part.

Whether raising funds, seeking exit or going public, a strong suite of registered IP rights can maximise value.

Registered intellectual property satisfies due diligence requirements, and assures directors, investors, advisors and analysts alike.

What's your IP situation?

Really, my what? A lot of businesses think that IP doesn't apply to them. That it's just for big public companies.

No longer is that the case.

A well thought out IP position can be just as critical to the success of early-stage to mid-size companies as large corporates—if not more so.

Why? Because mature enterprises can lean on their market power and other strengths as a substitute for robust legal rights.

What is your IP challenge?

Protecting Technical Innovation


Protecting Branding and Reputation

Protecting Industrial Design

Eureka is pleased to announce a collaborative relationship with Refinery!

Refinery is a platform for innovation targeting high-value industry verticals—using proven innovation toolsets, and embracing the open innovation model.

Eureka looks forward to an exciting future together!

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Australian Innovation Patent System—the Long Sunset Begins

Innovation Patents will remain relevant for some time, and especially to enforcement efforts for standard patents and applications active before 26 August 2021.