Startups IP Essentials

A startup is highly reliant on its intangible value. You can protect some of that intangible value using intellectual property, you know, IP.

Transactions such as investment, licensing, or trade sale require a startup to have clear chain of title to the mission-critical IP they use.

A quick checklist of things you should be across includes—

✅ Confidentiality—A balancing act between sharing when you can versus protecting your interests when you need. The key is being clear on what is actually sensitive to your position. 

✅ IP Due Diligence—So what's the IP situation? is an inevitable question from an investor perspective. The real question is do you have important and worthwhile IP—and who owns it?

✅ Patenting—Do you need to patent before launch? The reasons you should consider patenting vary, joined by a theme risk management of the different concerns of competitors and investors.

✅ Brand Clearance—Is your chosen brand available? Availability is just as important as creating a memorable and compelling brand that serves your venture.